A bit of my story....

Brant has been in the field for 25 years and has had his own practice for 5 years.  His first world experiences were as a concert pianist in highschool and conservatory in Boston.  While in undergraduate studies he discovered that counseling, psychology, and mental health were a true calling.  It was in clinical social work that Brant realized he is most effective and passionate.  


Alongside his work as a clinical social worker, he taught piano for 10 years, has provided service as a church organist, worked in the school system, and has remained most passionate about his family.  When Brant is not in his office, he is off kayaking and camping, playing Rachmaninoff and Chopin at his piano, baking an assortment of breads, and spending time with his parrot, Rupert.


The thing about EMDR with Brant is the balance between directness and caution.  There is no avoiding the tough stuff.  His approach is carefully paced to ensure a safe experience that fosters learning & provides lifelong benefit.  EMDR is difficult work, but extremely effective when approached with intention, focus, and skill.